Shear Sharpening

Kent, WA

People in the Kent, WA are who are looking for clipper blade sharpening or shear sharpening are in luck. At Rick's Mobile Sharpening, we excel at sharpening all types of blades and instruments including clipper blade sharpening, shear sharpening, saw sharpening, knife sharpening, and so much more. I work for both residential and business clients. Are you a homemaker or professional chef who needs their shear sharpening done so they are razor sharp to insure great presentation of entrees? Perhaps you are a barber who is looking for a reliable service that will repair and keep your clippers. You might also be a handyman or carpenter and need to make sure all your saw blades and chainsaw blades are in sharpened, precise working order.

In all cases, Rick's Mobile Sharpening is the business for you. I'm professional and have worked and built great business relationships in the greater Kent, WA area for many years. I have a lot of experience working in the sharpening industry and have acquired a large amount of information over the years. I am always ready and willing to answer questions and share my expertise with my customers. With my mobile sharpening service, I come where you want your blades sharpened. Whether it's in your home, office, business, or any place else, I will sharpen all your blades on the premises.

I sharpen scissors, knives, clipper blades, dental and medical tools, as well as professional handyman, carpentry and cooking blades, and much more. In fact, if it has a blade, I can get it sharp and in great working order for you. I'm a seasoned professional and proud member of the greater Kent, WA area. Give me a call today and let me give you an estimate on anything you want done. You'll see how affordable my prices are. My office hours are between 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, 7 days a week.